Contract Designer

From August to December 2018, I was a contract product designer at Instaread helping the company improve their digital offerings. During my contract, I worked on various parts of their iOS app, Web app and website as well as numerous promotional materials.

Being the only designer on the team, I was also responsible for making suggestions to improve their brand guidelines and providing art direction for the illustrations.

Art Direction

I improved the Onboarding screens on their iOS app by providing art direction for the illustrations and designing the UI.

Since the color scheme of their digital platforms lacked unity, I suggested the company to use a monochromatic color scheme and let the illustrations act as the color of the brand. Making use of the illustrations in Onboarding was an incremental improvement to shift toward the new brand direction.

App Preview

One of the deliverables for the promotional materials was an App Preview for the App Store. I created a 30-second video that highlight key features of the product to attract potential customers on the App Store.


Throughout my time working with Instaread, I made various recommendations in our weekly meetings to help improve their digital offerings. Aside from the work shared above, I also worked on the Subscription page on the iOS app, a promotional pop-up screen and mockups for new pages on their website, and other minor improvements throughout different platforms.

While I am unable to publicly share certain parts of the app that involve the company's strategy, I would love to share more of my work in-person.