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italiaDesign—11th Edition

italiaDesign is an 8-month undergraduate field school offered by the School of Interactive Arts + Technology at Simon Fraser University that contributes to the discourse of Italian design, art history, and culture. The purpose of field school is to get exposed to an authentic design culture and learn the discipline of design in a different context. I was one of twelve senior design students selected to participate in this legacy project; our team conducted in-field research and interviews which were produced into a series of films. These films emphasize the personal design philosophies of 18 designers, which can be viewed on the italiaDesign—11th Edition website. Please come back for the full case study. I'm almost done. 😈


  • B-Roll
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Motion Design

  • Sean Wolcott
  • Burnkit
  • Leftloft
  • Jekyll & Hyde

  • Vancouver, Seattle, Rome, Florence, Bologna, Milan, Liguria, Tuscany

  • Janurary '18 - August '18