Kosuke Futsukaichi

I'm a product designer in Vancouver, specializing in design for digital experiences. I work full-time at Macro, where I design and brand the core product experience.


Product Design, Brand

Macro’s mission is to help companies better create, communicate, and execute processes with the aim to build a more humane way of performing repetitive work. We are reimagining checklists as the means to facilitate processes involving people and SaaS applications.

I'm currently working with the founders to shape and define the foundation of the Macro platform. As the sole designer, I'm partially responsible for how the entire product works, looks and feels.


Strategy Visualization, User Experience

During my time at Green Stone, I worked with the founders of Giide to articulate their business and product strategy for investment opportunities. I also designed the user experience of Giide Studio, a content creation platform for people to create their own guided audio learning experience.


Consulting, UX Research, Facilitation

During my time at R/GA Tokyo, I supported embedded teams on various projects for Shiseido’s brand experience and future product development.

My deliverables included consulting for a popup retail experience, research on retail UX trends, and facilitating teams in a client workshop to ideate for new e-commerce experiences with concepts rooted in emerging tech.

Google APAC

User Experience

As an intern at R/GA Tokyo, I worked alongside designers and engineers to build the MVP of two different B2B tools.

My role was to support the team by breaking down the IA and creating wireframes to define parts of the user experience.


Product Design, Art Direction

I was brought in as a contractor to solve user experience and interface problems for Instaread’s digital offerings. In addition to product-related work, I collaborated with the illustrator to standardize the visual communication across different touchpoints.

Some notable projects include redesigning the subscription and onboarding screens for iOS, numerous optimizations for the web app, creating the app preview on the App Store, and designing new pages for their website.

Simon Fraser University

B.A. Interaction Design

My foundation in design comes from the School of Interactive Arts & Technology program at SFU. I was fortunate to be exposed to graphic, brand, type, product, spatial, and digital design.

I'm now primarily in the field of digital product, with an innate interest in making. I aim to design for practical experiences that solve relevant problems in new and exciting ways. Here's a project that reflects a piece of my chapter in post-secondary - I think of it as our grad project: