Hi, my name is Kosuke Futsukaichi.

I'm a designer currently living and working in Tokyo as a member of Takram, a design innovation studio. I appreciate clean water, clever punch lines, and beautiful layup packages.

Growing up, I was fascinated by new gadgets and how they gave people superpowers. This curiosity led me to pursue a degree in design at Simon Fraser University. It was here that I not only learned about the design process, but also developed a point of view on my design practice. I view design as a holistic concept and culture, and I have come to approach it not only as a service to businesses, but also as a form of expression.

Culturally, I'm a product of the Kantō region of Japan, Toronto, Arizona, and Vancouver. Over time, these environments have produced a hybrid of Japanese sensibility and Hip-Hop audacity.

I now design full-time and aspire to become a designer with a capital D. I'm grateful to live my life doing things that utilize my creativity.